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The first manga reader made for VisionOS

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Available this February
Mockup of an Apple Vision Pro app named 'Tezuka Reader' displayed in a living room. The app is open and a screen is floating in the living room. The screen shows a manga cover with some page controls and a pagination indicator at the bottom. The room is furnished with a gray sofa, a wooden coffee table, and a standing lamp.

Read your favorite manga in a new spatial world.

We opened a new chapter on manga reading. Tezuka Reader is the first spatial manga reader out on Apple Vision Pro. Your new reading experience is waiting for you to explore.

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1. Get your favorite manga
2. Import into Tezuka Reader
3. Read it in a new spatial way

Designed for VisionOS

With Tezuka Reader content blends seamlessly in your physical space. Navigate simply by using your eyes, hands, voice.

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Mockup of a manga library view in the 'Tezuka Reader' app on Apple Vision Pro, displayed in a living room. The interface shows a selection of manga covers, sorted by name. On the left, there are navigation tabs such as 'All Manga', 'Recents', and 'Favorites'. The top right corner has an 'Import' button. The room features a gray sofa, wooden coffee table, and a floor lamp.

Your new home for Manga. Tezuka Reader.

Easily import and manage your collection within the app's dashboard; favoriting, editing, deleting, and renaming manga is effortless. Create your personalized manga sanctuary, where every title is accessible in just a few taps.

Mockup of a manga library view in the 'Tezuka Reader' app on Apple Vision Pro, showcased in a living room and sorted by date. The screen displays manga cover cards under 'Today', and others under 'Yesterday'. Navigation tabs are on the left, and an 'Import' button is on the upper right. The setting includes a gray couch, a wooden coffee table, and a standing lamp.
Privacy first

We value your privacy. Our reader is 100% free and can be used offline. There are no permissions and no tracking of your data.

Monochrome manga image of a person wearing a spatial computing device, engrossed in a virtual manga world. The room around them is adorned with manga artwork, and the desk is cluttered with technology and books, suggesting a blend of reality and immersive digital experiences.

Bringing Tezuka Reader to AppStore this February

Experience Tezuka Reader on VisionOS and unlock new ways to read manga.

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Stay tuned for exciting updates that will enhance your reading experience even further. Tezuka Reader is committed to making your manga journey unforgettable.


3 Display Styles

Single Page, Long Strip, Wide Strip
Mockup of the 'Tezuka Reader' app on Apple Vision Pro, featuring a 'vertical strip' display option for a manga. The display is set against a modern living room with a dark gray sofa, round wooden coffee table, and a stylish floor lamp.

Adding 3 display options: Single page for focusing on one page at a time. Long Strip enables reading in an infinite vertical strip, perfect for manhwa and manga readers who don't want to switch between pages. And Wide Strip, a horizontal scrolling option.

Page Options

Dark Mode, Page Dimming, Grayscale, Translucency
Mockup showcasing new page features of 'Tezuka Reader' app on Apple Vision Pro, with a manga page in dark mode. The app interface includes options like translucent page mode, bookmarking, and a favorite button. The manga panels are displayed in black and white negative, emphasizing the dark mode viewing option. The background is a contemporary living room with a gray sectional, a wooden table, and soft lighting from a floor lamp.

Enhance your manga experience with tailored page settings: Dark Mode for night-time reading, Page Dimming to adjust brightness seamlessly, and Grayscale for distraction-free visuals. Plus, Translucency effects blend pages with your environment, making each story leap off the screen. Simple tweaks for optimal reading comfort.

And more is planned!

Unique Gesture Support
Switch Reading Direction
Customizable Page Controls
Library List View
Adding MAL Meta Data
Welcome to the era of spatial reading. Apple Vision Pro seamlessly blends digital content with your physical space.
Black and white photo of a smiling man named Osamu Tezuka sitting at a table, wearing a beret and glasses. He is writing on a piece of paper with his right hand, and his left hand appears to be holding another paper or book down on the table.

Osamu Tezuka

Inspired by Osamu Tezuka, the legendary figure often revered as the "Godfather of Manga," our app, Tezuka Reader, is a tribute to his pioneering spirit.

Tezuka Reader is the first manga reader crafted for Apple's Vision Pro Headset, offering an immersive experience that brings manga to life in a spatial dimension.

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